The Might of the Myth

The geophysical history of the world is divided up into periods, epochs and ages during the four and a half billion years since this planet supposedly came into existence. We are currently in the Quaternary Period (for 2.5 million years), the Holocene Epoch (for 11,700 years), and those who know these things tell us we are at the beginning of the Anthropocene Age , which some say we entered maybe a century ago. In terms of world history, the current age is a mere flick on the timescale of the planet, but in terms of impact made, it is a phenomenally crucial time.

The Anthropocene is the age of the major human influence, short in time, but enormous in the geological and environmental changes. In this short time, we have come to a point where human influence threatens to possibly wipe out the planet Earth. Surely then, it is an opportune time to look at the mythology that has influenced human development in order to find some clues as to where we come from, who we are and where are we going.

The author examines these myths in a robust and freewheeling way. The curse of dogma, the myth of money, divine comedies, the myth of great heresies, the modern media myth pedlars, and the dialectics of liberation, all put under scrutiny. Partly autobiographical, and partly investigative, the book is about big subjects considered in a fathomable way. “I have drawn on my own life experiences and the many influences I have picked up during my own three score years and ten, to deliver a book that is hopefully entertaining and thought provoking,” says Jeff Merrifield. “It covers a lot of ground, but we are people living through a highly complex age, one that carries a great deal of significance for the future.”

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