Time Loop: an adventure in dreamtime
by Morelle Smith

The past only exists as memory. But Helga finds that the past has its own purposes, surfacing in the present....

Set partly in 13th century France, and partly in fin de siècle (20th century) Scotland, Time Loop explores the effects on people who unexpectedly tapped into Cathar knowledge and awareness that was thought to have been lost forever.

'Morelle displays a wonderful gift here, taking you through one avenue and then suddenly throwing you into another. Hats off to the author for writing this gripping page-turner with lots of unexpected twists.'

Nights and Weekends


Edinburgh-born, Morelle Smith studied English and French Literature at Edinburgh University, before setting off overland across Europe and Asia. She has had various jobs in different parts of the world, including housepainter, artist's model, aid worker and teacher of English, French and Creative Writing. She has been awarded Scottish Arts Council bursaries, and Writers Residencies in France and Serbia. She writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction. She has collaborated with visual artists and musicians and with other writers on translation projects. Her work has been translated into French, Albanian and Romanian. She is also a translator of French.

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