What is all this Wol Wantok business, anyway?


The Pidgin Macbeth

played at the Picadilly Theatre in London's West End

Ken Campbell and the Pidgin Players

Following sell-out performances at the Royal National Theatre in August, Ken Cambell brought his special MILLENNIUM CAPER to London's West End. His major caper is this - "to turn the Bard into rude voodoo telegrams." Ken has set himself the not inconsiderable task of making the Pidgin language into a World Language (which is to be known as Wol Wantok) by mid-day on 1st January 2000.

The caper continued . . .
- for a flavour of the jape try saying the following OUT LOUD:

Nambawan bigfala blong Missus Kwin
= Prince Philip (number one big fellow belonging to Mrs. Queen)

Kuk blong Makbed: "Satan, tekem mi hambag!"
= Lady Macbeth (cook belonging to Macbeth, geddit?): "Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here!"

As Ken Campbell says, "It's a huge improvement, there's none of that iambic pentameter crap, which is Shakespeare's drawback..."

The critics' view: "This is a mind-boggling piece... as nuttily tasty as one would expect" - Ian Shuttleworth in the Financial Times

"If you can't 'do' it in Wol Wantok, it's probably not worth doing" - Timothy West

"The cast's performances are ingenious, sometimes disrespectful but never patronising and the production as a whole is delightfully exotic" - Jeremy Kingston in the Times

"We could have a world language by next Thursday, if I was in charge" - Ken Campbell


The Piccadilly Theatre, Denman Street, London W1

for limited dates in October 1998

Extra performances were also seen at:
Brentwood Theatre
New Empire Theatre - Southend-on-Sea
Longshoreman's Hall - St Johns - Newfoundaland
Theatre Royal - King's Lynn
Colchester Arts Centre


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