the Story of the Extraordinary Italian Artistic and Spiritual Community
by Jeff Merrifield

Published on 10 November 2006 by Hanford Mead - $23.99 - a completely revised and updated edition from the 1998 Harper Collins edition in a large format quality paperback with hundreds of new photographs and a foreward from Esperide Ananas from the Damahurian Community.

Also available in the UK from Playback Arts online shop - click on picture.

ISBN: 1-59275-010-9, 350 pp
152 B/W illustrations
8 pp color plates

Published in November 2006 by Hanford Mead - Click here

Available from the Playback Arts online shop - Click here

Here are some details about Damanhur and the book:

Damanhur is a place of greatly astounding things. It is a settlement with a burgeoning population of around seven hundred, to be found in the Italian Alps. It bears the same name, which means “City of Light”, as an Egyptian city with a contemporary population of some quarter million people, but which was the legendary birthplace of Horus in an underground temple.

The people who live at Damanhur have embarked on a unique experiment in social, economic and spiritual living, based around the construction of an elaborate temple, built deep into the heart of a mountain. One of the most astounding things is that, for over fifteen years, this building was carried on in secret, with some two million buckets of earth and rock being dug out and secreted around the valley or used in the building and restoration of other Damanhurian properties. Digging into the mountain was a metaphor for digging into their souls.

The Temples are just one of the extraordinary achievements of the people of the Federation of Damanhur. A United Nations award-winning sustainable community, Damanhur is an eco-society based upon ethical and spiritual values. In creating community, Damanhur has drawn on ancient knowledge, esoteric traditions, and modern research to promote a culture of peace and balanced development through solidarity, volunteering, a respect for the environment, and social and political commitment.

Damanhurians participate in cutting edge research in such fields as contemporary science, healing, the structure of time, and the interaction with intelligent energies. Damanhur has a system of community that effectively balances encouragement for individuals to reach their highest potential, with an enlightened, democratic structure to provide for the common good.

Damanhur is a place where dreams are realized, where ideas beyond reason are given a chance, and where very often they become a reality. This is the story of how and why this can happen.

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