TAO Liverpool

would like to announce


A unique show that's coming to Liverpool for just 

3 Nights Only 

(Hot from Edinburgh Festivel)

About singer/songwriter Ian Dury and his roller-coaster relationship with The Blockheads.




The play, "ABFCAP: the Life & Rhymes of Ian Dury", has been written and directed by Jeff Merrifield, long-term associate of

Ken Campbell, from an extensive series of interviews with friends, colleagues and musical associates of the late-great singer.

Looking at three key points in his life over a twenty year period, this
warts'n'all portrayal reveals much about the excesses of life on the road,
as seen through the eyes of his long-term minder, ex-criminal Fred
'Spider' Rowe, with whom he shared an almost brotherly relationship.

There are many of the famous songs (Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, What a
Waste, Reasons To Be Cheerful) and highly praised performances by Jud
Charlton as Ian Dury (nominated Best Actor by The Stage, "like being in a
room with Ian Dury") and Josh Darcy as 'Spider' ("magnificent in a role
equally important"). The show was made Critics' Choice in Edinburgh a
received a clutch of rave reviews


Liverpool performances are taking place at

The Kazimier 

Wolstenholme Sq, L1



 Thursday 28th, Friday 29th, Saturday 30th August at 8pm.

With a matinee showing on Saturday at 2.30pm.

Tickets are just 3.00


- not suitable for children, very strong language -