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Ken Campbell
at the Fortean Times
Unconvention 2002

The Campbell appearance at the 2002 Unconvention in the
main hall of the Commonwealth Institute will long be
remembered by the 1,000+ people who saw it.

Now you can relive some of those sensational moments:
or if you missed it, find out what everyone was raving about.

Nearly an hour of hilarity, the DVD of the event is now available:

As Jack Phoenix said in the Fortean Times:
"Campbell... and members of the Nina Plashwit Academy of
Gastromancy and the Allied Arts demonstrated the sucking
of rogue spirits into their stomachs, via the loon-pipe, and
making them talk... culminating in experienced libidinist
Mouse bunching tight her bamsie strings and shooting forth
an arc of ectoplasmic effulvia... the video of this will certainly
become a Fortean collector's item"

Well, seekers: look no further. You can become the collector who
gets the item, by simply sending a cheque for £15.00 to this address:
(inclusive of all that postage and package nonesense and including
a donation to the Ken Campbell Award Fund)

Plus a new DVD of
Ken Campbell's astonishing one man show
at the Drill Hall London on 2 December 2006

He was on masterful form that night, covering an inspired range of
subjects from the philosophical insights of Werber Erhard to the works
of art produced by Doris, his parrot. It is captured here by a lone camera
for the benefit of those who were not privileged to be there in person.
Just £13.00 inclusive of all that postage and package nonesense.

Also available for the first time

Sheridan Thayer ’s documentary on Ken Campbell is a true labour of love,
a homage to a man who defied all boundaries of description and categorisation.
Through almost fifty glorious years in the theatre, he sparkled and cascaded.
Little wonder that Sir Peter Hall, one of those interviewed in the film,
christened him “The Fireworks Man”.  In-depth interviews with family,
friends, as well as the good and the great of the theatrical world,
reveal a sensitive man behind the driven persona of his bardic doings.
This was a man of the theatre the like of which we will never see again,
but mercifully captured on film so we can further marvel and enjoy.

Buy direct from Sheridan via the Playback shop.

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Da Cutts
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