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The Cathars had a huge popular following in 12 th century south of France. Fervent believers in the words of Jesus, they were simple, humble and much respected - yet they were burned as heretics! This book examines some of the murky depths of religious intolerance and persecution. The book includes the text of an original son et lumiére from the small Pyrénées village of Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes, based on their oral tradition about the Cathars, which appears in English for the first time.

Jeff Merrifield, PhD, first became interested in the Cathars in synchronistic circumstances that resulted in a wild burst of energy and this book. Subsequently, he has completed a book about the secret construction of the incredible Temples of Humankind in the Italian artistic community of Damanhur and is currently working on a play that postulates a secret, yet philosophically productive meeting between Giordano Bruno, another ‘heretic’ burned for his views, and the Florentine Camerata., the men who invented opera.

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Before you do anything else, buy this book….
Ken Campbell:
playwright, theatre director and visionary

A very welcome addition to the stuff I’ve already read (on the subject )
Kevin Ayers:
singer, songwriter, modern day troubadour