The Philip K Dick Celebration took place at Connections, Epping Forest College, UK on 19-20 October 1991. It featured the three PKD biographers, Paul Williams, Lawrence Sutin and Gregg Rickman, as well as Brian Aldiss, actors John Joyce, John Constable and John Dowie, Ernesto Spinelli, Ken Campbell, Brian Stableford, Philip Strick, and a host of other magnificent contributors.

The proceedings were videoed, not on professional equipment, but with a domestic camera operated largely from the audience. Luckily the evidence was captured on SVHS, so the images are preserved reasonably well. The sound is audible, but not of a standard that would be acceptable now. However, the material is so good that it is a magnificent achievement that it was saved.

It is 25 years ago, a quarter of a century, and several participants are no longer with us. So this recording of the events is dedicated to the memories of Paul Williams, Ken Campbell, Philip Strick and John Joyce.

A bonus disc is included of highlights from the Tribute Evening to Philip K Dick at the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, in 1992.

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